Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Befuddled Awakening

So, this morning I woke up and after I was sitting there for a minute I discovered something. Have you ever woken up and not felt quite rested? Ok, well, have you thought you had a pretty good sleep but still didn't feel very energetic? Well, I have mornings like this all too often. ( I think it's the fact that I bought a really cheap bed.) Anyway, I noticed that my covers were completely different than the night before. I always make my bed the same way with the comforter showing the dark black side facing up and the tag on the comforter at the bottom right corner. But today, the comforter was showing the light black flowered side up and the tag was in the left hand corner. I'm not sure what exactly went on. I sleep alone and I thought I slept pretty well, but the covers were all over the place and backwards/upside down/just plain skittywampus. Baffled by the condition of my bed spread, I got up to start my day and discovered that the other blankets were wrapped around my legs in such a way that I had to kick and squirm and get almost violent with them in order to get out of the death grip they had placed on me. Now, this is just not the most welcoming morning routine to begin with, I must admit. By the time I got out of bed I didn't know if I should yell at them, laugh at them, or just recognize it as a sign that the day wasn't going to go well and I should just get back in and cover my head until noon.

Not have the choice to stay home, I just simply shook my head and got in the shower. The messy covers are still waiting for me now, because I was afraid to make the bed knowing that the crazy covers may end up grabbing me and pulling me back in for the rest of the day. Let's hope that tonight things will go better. :)


Blogger Martha said...

I love the word skittywampus! I think I would rather wake up to violent bedding than a three-year-old's foot in my back. Wanna trade?

11:17 PM  
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