Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, after the longest dryspell in history, I finally have found myself in a relationship with someone. I know I said something about this before, but I thought I'd spend some time on my blog to write a little about him and what's up. As you have read from my Vegas moments, finding a man in this city is nothing short of a miracle. Around July, when I found myself working at the wonderful and spectacular Applebee's, the bartender Crystal and I became instant friends. She invited me over for dinner one night and told me their friend Fernando was coming to eat as well. Crystal, Frankie (Crystal's boyfriend) and Fernando have all been friends since the 6th grade. I thought, "oh great... she's going to try and set me up with someone" so in arriving first, I was hoping he wouldn't be able to make it and then I'd be able to relax. I was wrong. The ever faithful friend showed up right on time. When he walked in I thought, well, forget it, he won't like me. The workouts from Curves hadn't started to show any progress at that point.

Week after week, we all hung out, talking, watching movies, eating, and just spending time around each other. At the end of the night, Fernando and I would leave, walking down the sidewalk to our cars not saying much of anything to each other, except the occasional empty comment just trying to make some conversation. I was always thinking... why doesn't he talk more. Crystal kept sayin that we should hook up, but I didn't want to go for Ferdinand just because Crystal told me I should, right?? Of course. Apparently Fernando was always thinking, ... why does she get in her car so fast every night and why doesn't she stop and talk to me a little bit before she leaves. ... I had no idea he even thought I was cute or anything because he's shy and no one ever asked him what he thought about me. I actually didn't think he even wanted to be my friend, but there was an occasional moment where I would be talking a mile a minute, as you have all witnessed me do, and I'd look over and see Fernando totally into it. I was even caught speechless for a moment when I realized he wasn't just looking at me thinking I was crazy, he was actually listening to what I was saying. (I didn't think men listened.) ha ha ha

Well, finally, after a long shift at Applebees, Frankie and Fernando came to pick Crystal and I up and we went and got some food. Suddenly a miracle occurred. The man that never spoke started talking to me. By the end of dinner, we were in a major conversation. After that we all hung out until pretty late, laughing and playing video games and just messin' around. We sat on the couch, with pillows covering up our hands so Crystal and Frankie couldn't see us holding hands. We left their apartment and ended up sitting in his car until 7 a.m. !!!

After that it's just been awesome. We've been dating seriously since then, which is around Labor Day. He has done nothing by amaze me every day. I am so lucky to have such a great guy in my life. I've never experienced someone who has such respect for women and people in general. He is such a hard worker, as well. He is graduating in Accounting and Finance in December from UNLV and then he is going to open his own business. He works with his dad and at a high rise condo here in the city. He and his dad are best friends and they are Mr. Fix-ets. They can fix anything. He makes me laugh and he makes me feel like I'm on up on a pedistal. Hopefully I do the same for him, which he says that I do.

Here are some pictures of us. There aren't many but there will be more. He's definitely going to be in my life for a long time.

Enjoy the photos.



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