Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pub Quiz

Every Wednesday night, a group of us go to FADO and participate in Pub Quiz. It's an interesting competition that happens between groups of patrons at this local Irish Pub. The questions cover everything from Musicians to pictures of artists to historical points of interesting, and all other type of questions. Some questions are way too easy, for instance, "What was the name of the musical that tells about a family caught in the middle of WWII ..." obviously it's The Sound of Music. But for the most part the questions are really hard, like giving really obscure movie quotes from several movies, like "I'll keep it" and "Hey Gorgeous". Plus there are many others that really difficult.

The MC looks like Vin Diesle and he's a little bit smug if you try to ask him for help. He's carrying the answers, so I don't know why he acts as if he knows it all, but he does. So that kinda ruins his good looking-ness. The waitress' don't make any money because we get there around 7 and we don't leave until almost 11. By 9 O'Clock, they are irritated and annoyed at our constant desire for refills and non-alcoholic purchases, as well as never being quite done with the round of questions in time to hand it in when she asks for it the first time.
The first time I went, I thought, ok... if I were going to study for a game show like Jeopardy, how would I study? Of course I considered going to the library, watching the sports channel for interesting facts, and paying particular attention to literature, music, and art. But then I asked myself, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING>>> IT"S PUB QUIZ!!" The winners recieve $100 gift card to the restaraunt and the satifaction of winning. We have been going since before Christmas and we have never, I repeat NEVER, won. Once we tied for third and lost in the tie breaking question which you had to be a MENSA canidate to have answered. And yet, despite our horrible loss of only 14 points out of 70 possible, we still go week after week. The food is good and company is great, but we are just fooling ourselves if we think we are going to win.

It's definitely a great time had by all and as I sit here tonight thinking about some of the questions that were asked, I am loving that someone came up with the idea. I wish I had come up with it. They must have to pay for the questions. But I'm sure it brings in a least one full night each week, which in this economy is big. But mostly, I wish some of my friends from college could be at the table to help me. I may start recruiting, which means some of you will have to come to Vegas for a Wednesday night of Philly Cheesesteaks, Irish appetizers, and crazy questions.

Start studying...


Blogger Michelle said...

Sounds fun, we'd love to come! I wouldn't be any help though. I'm terrible at random facts stuff...Dave's pretty good though! :)

I could really use some warm weather too...

9:34 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Jess, great post! I would love to come for the philly cheese steaks. I'm great at eating, not so great at hard questions. At least we'd have fun and laugh, right?! Anyway, glad you started blogging again.

12:19 PM  

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